Stefflon Don and Jada Kingdom Go At It In New Diss Tracks Following Burna Boy Drama

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British rapper and singer Stefflon Don and Jamaican singer Jada Kingdom are beefing and neither of them are letting up. In a 24-hour span, they’ve given the world three diss track in total.

On Monday (Jan. 8), the “Hurtin’ Me” hitmaker released a new song titled “Dat A Dat” in which she threw jabs at an unnamed woman for sleeping with her man. “Top gyal, never sell p**sy yet, never f**k a man fi go land pon a jet, yuh never f**k my man, dutty gyal, we did leff, tell Twinky say a this, mi a say one man to me, middle come in like yuh forgot dem, gyal full a man like dung a dovecot, them nah kill nobody but dem a buss shot, 50 man, how yuh do yuh body like dat?” Stefflon Don rapped.

Considering she used to date Burna Boy, who was accused of cheating on her and also had a fling with Jada Kingdom, the internet speculated that the shots were towards the “Turn Me On” hitmaker. “It’s weird, because it’s behind a man… this n**ga is for everybody,” Jada Kingdom said on social media before firing back with her own diss track titled “London Bed” yesterday (Jan. 9), using Byron Messia and Burna Boy’s “Talibans II” instrumental. “Grow the f**k up and argue with yuh age group, you is a man clown and that is di sad truth, yuh say him c**ky small and him is a mama’s boy, likkle b**ch, move on, yah must did lulu, yuh batty hole name London bed, yuh mouth f**k out, that why di man leff,” she rapped on the track.

Today (Jan. 10), Steff responded to Jada with a new diss track titled “Dead Gyal Walking.”

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