Steve Harvey Claps Back At Pusha T Over ‘The Story Of Adidon’ Diss [VIDEO]

Steve Harvey
(Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Steve Harvey has been holding back his words for Pusha T after mentioning him on “The Story Of Adidon,” and months later he finally has some things to say.

In a recent episode of Family Feud, he addressed the G.O.O.D. Music president to the crowd.

“You think I care what a rapper thinks of me,” he asked before going in. Pusha T. Who the f*** is that? Pusher T don’t help me with none of my bills, ain’t sending none of my kids through school. Pusher-T don’t answer my prayers. Pusher T don’t give me health.”

In the Drake diss track, “The Story of Adidon” Pusha rapped, “how you a winner but she comin’ in last place?/Monkey-suit Dennis, you parade him/A Steve Harvey-suit n***a made him.”

Harvey wasn’t done though. He has some bars himself for the rapper.

“Who the f*** is Pusha T, fuckin with me/ You better watch out, T/ You know who I be/Somebody best know not to f*** with me. I’m all in your a**/I got more cash. I’ll do anything/I’ll smack that a**/Don’t mess aroung f***in’ with me/I don’t give a s*** what your name is Pusher T.”


Will Pusha T respond? We know it’s just fun and games…or is it?

Check out the clip below.