Stevie J Denies Being Intimate With A Man Following Diddy’s Recent Sexual Assault Lawsuit

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Stevie J shuts down recent allegations made against him.

We previously reported Diddy, Justin Combs, Stevie J and more were named in a recent lawsuit from Diddy’s former producer, Lil Rod. In the lawsuit Rod accused Justin and others of recruiting prostitutes and underaged girls to attend parties thrown by Diddy.

He also claimed that Diddy made unwanted sexual advances and forced him to engage in sexual acts with sex workers. In the lawsuit, Lil Rod included a screenshot of a video, which he says Diddy allegedly forced him to watch, show producer and reality star Stevie J having intercourse with another male.

Stevie seemingly shuts down those allegations writing via Instagram, I wasn’t that guy the last time x I ain’t never gonna be that guy. I’m one of Gods favorites don’t play with my name.”