Story Claiming Jay-Z Created A $15 Million Trust Fund For Nipsey Hussle Seems To Be False

Jay-Z Nipsey Hussle

You can’t believe everything you read on the internet!

Today (Apr. 4), a story claiming that Jay-Z is creating a $15 million trust fund for Nipsey Hussle’s children went viral allowing for many friends and collegues of the mogul to repost and celebrate the good deed on social media.

Unfortionately, the news seems to be made up. A report confirmed that the headline was taken by a “fake website.”

The fact that no one questioned the report is because Hov has been generous in helping artists and others in the community as of late including helping Lil’ Wayne pay his taxes, 21 Savage get out of his immigration troubles, and much more.

Beyonce paid homage to Nipsey Hussle on Instagram with a young photo of him.

Although we are sure Jay-Z will be helping in some way, there is no confirmation that he made a decision to create a trust fund.

If there is a lesson here… it is don’t fall for fake news!