Suge Knight To Launch A New Podcast From Behind Bars

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Suge Knight is releasing a podcast behind bars.

According to TMZ, the audio programme, “Collect Call With Suge Knight,” will feature The Source magazine founder, Dave Mays. “As we celebrate hip-hop’s 50th year, more than ever the hip-hop community needs a media platform that they can trust to bring a truthful and authentic perspective on so many important things happening in our world. I’m proud that Breakbeat provides this essential and valuable medium,” he told the news outlet.

Mays continued, “And I’m so excited to be able to enlist the help of my longtime friend and one of hip-hop’s most formidable, pioneering, and fearless leaders to help Breakbeat continue to achieve this goal. ‘Collect Call With Suge Knight’ will awaken hip-hop fans worldwide and build bridges across multiple generations.”