Sukihana Speaks Out After She Was Arrested On Drug Charges

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Sukihana speaks out after she was arrested on drug charges.

The rapper was arrested last week on Thursday (April 25) and charged with two counts of violation of Florida Statute 893.13.

Sukihana allegedly was caught with both MDMA (ecstasy) and codeine with the intent to distribute. The rapper, 32, was being held at the Paul Rein Detention Center in Pompano Beach, FL. Her bond for one charge was set to $5,000, and for the other is $2,500, for a total of $7,500. She has been released.

Following the arrest, Suki spoke out via Instagram live. She expressed, “and all my motherf*****g fans, y’all [sic] [sic] too. I don’t give a f**k. Y’all ain’t ridin’ in them comments,” Sukihana said. “S**t… shoutout to my real fans — the real fans. But y’all b***h a** n****s like to take sides, ‘Oh, who she done took a charge for?’ — B***h, mind your motherf*****g business… Don’t worry about it because y’all do the same s**t as me. I ain’t no different than y’all while y’all tryna judge me.”

She continued, “my s**t gettin’ dropped… Probable cause? The f**k is you talkin’ about? I don’t have to sell no motherf*****g pills and a b***h don’t do no e-pills, what the f**k I look like doing an e-pill?… I don’t do no motherf*****g drugs, and I don’t sell no drugs,” she explained.

The rapper is clearly making lemonade out lemons as she merch with her recent mugshot on it. The shirts read “free da c**chie girl,” “good cat gone bad,” and “bad kitty.”