Summer Walker And Willow Smith Are Reportedly Beefing

(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Summer Walker left a comment regarding Willow Smith under her Instagram post, and fans believe the two may have some friction.

Willow Smith nearly broke the internet last week, when she posted a picture showing off her new look.

If you’re a Willow Smith fan, you know she’s a free spirit, all about positivity and often shows off her Yoga skills via social media.

Summer Walker took a page out of Willow’s book, and showed off some Yoga moves on social media as well. Now, a fan left Summer a comment and suggested her and Willow  link up and do “some yoga and meditation together.”

Summer shut that suggestion down quick, even suggesting that the two may not be on good terms. Summer replied to the comment, “Lol she won’t talk to me..”

Now, the two may not be on good term, or they may not even know each other- Summer wasn’t too clear on what she meant.

Eitherway, check out the post below. Let us know how you interpreted Summer’s comment.