Summer Walker Goes Viral After Twerking In Revealing Shorts: ‘As She Should’

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Summer Walker is currently trending online after a night out.

The singer hit the town for a fun night out. “As She Should” commented one fan. “As she should…enjoy that mommy free time..” agreed another fan.

We previously reported that Summer Walker gave birth to her twins back in January. “I’m so proud of myself. I’m so proud of myself,” 26-year-old Summer wrote in a caption about her birthing experience. “Just sharing to inspire other women ’cause I know once you carry twins to almost 42 weeks with (one breech), people will try and steer you towards induction or c-section (which there’s nothing wrong with these. I just didn’t want it for myself.”

Summer Walker previously spoke out about the spiritual journey she’s on. She expresses, “this was the Most amazing incredible breathtaking beautiful unforgettable year probably of my entire life,” she expressed. “Purged out all the bad, truly let go, surrendered & in return I was flooded with an abundance of everything good pure and new. All was revealed & I’ve been reborn. A brand NEW woman filled with confidence self love self worth strength & discipline. I’ve never had faith like this, I got to witness so many miracles. All of my prayers were answered my ancestors/spirit guides really heard me, every word… that’s crazy.”

It’s nice to see Summer out and about.