Summer Walker Gushes Over Her Post Baby Body: ‘Left My Waist At Home’

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What waist?

Summer Walker is showing off her post-baby body and fans are loving it.

We previously reported that Summer Walker gave birth to her twins back in January. “I’m so proud of myself. I’m so proud of myself,” 26-year-old Summer wrote in a caption about her birthing experience. “Just sharing to inspire other women ’cause I know once you carry twins to almost 42 weeks with (one breech), people will try and steer you towards induction or c-section (which there’s nothing wrong with these. I just didn’t want it for myself.”

The ‘Come Thru’ singer shared a series of stunning photos via Instagram with the the caption, “left my waist at home.”

Fans gushed over her in the comments, “FACE CARD NEVER DECLINES” comments one user. Some of Summer’s celebrity friends jumped in the comments as well. Erykah Badu expresses, “say girl..” and the Clermont Twins commented, “wheewww clearly…” in agreeance to her caption.