“Swag Surfin” Creators Say Taylor Swift Can Do The Dance All Day, Song’s Streams Are Up 700%

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Everything Taylor Swift touches turns into big bags. Her presence at games is not only generating over $351 million for the NFL, but her dance moves are also reviving hip-hop classics and generating huge numbers as well. This information was revealed by McFly, Vee, Mook, and Ea$ton, who are collectively known as the hip-hop group F.L.Y. They are best known for their 2000s classic, “Swag Surfin.”



Swift performed a version of the dance last month while cheering on her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, and his Kansas City Chiefs to victory. Her dance clip went viral, and F.L.Y. encouraged her to continue doing the dance as it led to more streams.

“They say Tay Tay’s surfing boosted their streams a ridiculous 700% … and they wouldn’t be mad if she just so happened to create her own ‘Taylor’s Version,’ as long she raps on it,” they told TMZ Hip-Hop in a recent interview.

“Swag Surfin” was released during the height of the “Snap Music” era of Hip-Hop in 2009. The classic appears on F.L.Y.’s debut album, Jamboree. The accompanied dance went viral in 2009 and has since become a must-have at large gatherings along with the Cha-cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle, and Electric Slide.

The Baltimore Ravens performed the “Swag Surfin’” dance to mock Taylor Swift before the loss to the Chiefs 17-10 on Sunday, Jan. 28.