Social Media Reacts To Swizz Beatz Saying Janet Jackson Wouldn’t Be Able To Compete With Missy Elliott On ‘Verzuz’

(Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Brooklyn Museum)

During an Instagram live session, Swizz Beatz shuts down the idea of Janet Jackson ‘Verzuz’ Missy Elliott.

Timbaland suggested that Missy and Janet should go hit-for-hit on the mega social media show. A clip resurfaced of the conversation he was having with his partner, Swizz, and social media is not happy with Swizz’ response.

When the idea was proposed, Swizz shook his head in disagreement, “because Missy can be multiple people. Janet gonna just be Janet.”

“The celebration is gon’ be great,” Tim added. “Missy gon’ wanna celebrate with somebody of her caliber that she knows that it’s gon’ be a great celebration. I know my sister. I know her.”

Fans are seemingly upset because Swizz may have suggested that Missy has more diversity than Janet. Yet, other fans believed Swizz may have been speaking about Missy’s talents as an artist, writer, and producer.

Do you think Missy and Janet would make a good match up?