SZA Said Books Are Making a Comeback.. & Now There May Be Evidence to Prove It

Kunle Tejuoso
Photo Credit Stefan Heunis/AFP/Getty Images

Earlier this week, SZA tweeted that she thinks books are “lowkey making a comeback,” and now, there may be some merit to that statement. On the same day (Sept. 18) NY Mag published an article containing some exciting news for book lovers.

New York Media plans to triple its coverage of books across its sites, including big platforms such as Vulture, Daily Intelligencer, the Strategist, and Grub Street, as well as New York Magazine. Although this initiative does not directly pertain to the increase of books themselves, representation and coverage is arguably equally as important.

The article details that NY Media aims to “better align with how people engage with books and departing from traditional single-book reviews tied to the publicity cycle.”

For a more specific breakdown of how each platform will work to manifest this change, thorough details are listed in the NY Mag article above. In the meantime, now is your chance to brush up on your book recommendations to spread throughout your circle, because books are the new wave again.