T.I. Responds To Rumor About 50 Cent Giving His Role On ‘Power’ To Method Man

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Trouble Man Tip had to get something off his chest.

T.I. cleared up a rumor that was floating around a few weeks ago. The chatter was that T.I. was supposed to be on Power Book Ghost: II, but was allegedly replaced by Method Man. Tip is calling that cap.

T.I. appeared on former NFL player Tony “The Closer” Robinson’s podcast called, Get Yo Ass Up! Tip was asked about the rumor and said it wasn’t true. “50 and I were executive producers on a different show, outside of the Power universe. But nah, man. Me and 50 cool,” T.I. said. 

Then the “Big Thangs Poppin” rapper spoke more about his friendship with Fif. According to T.I., he’s not phased or bothered by 50 Cent’s trolling or aggressive nature because he can dish it back. T.I. told Tony:

“I think I’m the only one that’s not offended by his brash approach and he’s not offended by mine, so, you know, we play rough but ain’t no issue. It’s a mutual respect though.”

Take a look:

The rumor originated when Power actors Michael Rainey Jr. (Tariq) and Gianni Paolo (Brayden) chopped it up with TMZ last month and claimed T.I. almost had the role. Gianni told the publication at the time, 

“I heard – this is a rumor, I can’t confirm. T.I. was supposed to play Method Man’s character. I don’t know if there was beef or something happened, but he never ended up playing him, and Meth was Davis MacLean.” Michael chimed in, 

“This was early in the production before we started filming. We showed up to set, and Method was there. They didn’t really tell us.”

50 Cent hasn’t confirmed or denied Tip’s version of events nor what his actors said. The Queens rapper and T.I. had some internet beef in 2020 after T.I. challenged 50 Cent to a Verzuz battle. During Fif’s premiere of Black Mafia Family, T.I. told the audience,

“Hey 50 — we got to do this Verzuz, man. Give them what the people want to see, man! […] Congratulations to my nephew Lil Meech. Congratulations to 50 for putting this sh*t together.” 50 responded by trolling T.I. and showing his Crime Stoppers commercial.