T.I. Reveals That He And DMX Were Planning To Make Music Before His Passing

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T.I. and DMX were planning to make music together.

On Wednesday (Feb. 28), the Atlanta rapper joined Shaquille O’Neal for an interview on “The Big Podcast” and opened up about his relationship with late rapper.

“X came to my house like two weeks before he died. We were planning to work together.  He came to the studio and I was recording something else. By the time I had finished, he had to run to another engagement. One time, he said he wanted to go to the studio, but I was at the house with the kids and I couldn’t get out, so he said, ‘I’ma just pull up on you, man,’” T.I. told O’Neal and co-host Adam Lefkoe.

He continued, “He came by and we just sat up all night till four, five in the morning, talking loud in the kitchen. I was having margaritas [and] I think he might have had a beer. [We were] smoking and chilling, [and] just talking like we’d known each other forever. That was the first time we had ever really [met]. We were talking about kids, and he left town that day, and I left town. I was taking my kids to Orlando. And we were on the phone planning to meet back up and work again. I think, maybe two, three days later, he had passed.”

Check out the full conversation below.