T.I.’s Daughter Deyjah Harris Opens Up About Self-Harm: ‘I Don’t Need Any Sympathy’

(Photo by Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic)

Deyjah Harris opens up about self-harm.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Deyjah shares her journey with self-harm on March 1st which is listed as Self-Injury/Self-Harm Awareness Day. She writes, “*sighs*…whew, ok so because today is SIAD (self injury/self harm awareness day) i decided to leave some of you that can relate a little message. obviously if you cannot empathize with this then keep it scrolling/keep the rude comments to yourself because i will block you, but for those of you that can relate (unfortunately)… i see you. perhaps i had to experience this in order to be able to help someone else that is or will deal with this…i mean we hurt so that we can help others heal from that same pain, right? i don’t need any sympathy, i don’t need any of you to try and guess why i did this to myself, i don’t need you to tell me things like “oh you shouldn’t do that to yourself, you’re too pretty for that” etc. because that will change nothing.”

The post continues, “i need you to see that if i can be brave enough to share this part of myself/my journey with the world, then you can too. a lot of people don’t talk about the fact that there are multiple forms of self-harm, so for those of you that can’t relate to cutting but you can relate to other forms, i see you too and you’re not alone, TRUST me when i say that.. but let me tell you this, don’t you dare spend the rest of your life hiding who you are/what you’ve been through. i don’t care if you think people will judge you, if you think people will think you’re not right in the head, if you think it’ll make people love or like you less, or if you think people will say you’re doing it for attention, you deserve to share your story… ”


In a separate post, Deyjah thanks her parents for always supporting her and loving her through her journey. “whether it was paying for years of therapy + God knows what else, i thank you for standing by my side no matter what… no matter who might’ve judged me. honestly, if it weren’t for y’all ain’t no telling where i’d be in life at the moment… so i thank you. i hope you two never feel as though what i go through/feel has anything to do with you. as i always say, anytime my thoughts convince me that i shouldn’t be here, all i have to do is think of you @ms_niko_ or you @troubleman31 and i’ll always stay.”