T.I. Speaks Out After His 18 Y/O Son King Was Arrested: ‘Can’t Nobody Stop It But Him’

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T.I. speaks out after his son, King, was arrested on unknown charges.

We previously reported that King took to Instagram to address a recent arrest and people who says he’s “trying to be gangsta.” He writes via his Instagram story, “everybody that’s say n**** tryna be gangsta. I ain’t ask for the police to pull me over, y’all b**** a*** n****,” he shared. He then posted a picture following the incident writing, “I’m bacc. F*** 12!! A lil minor set bacc fa a major come bacc.”

The mugshot instantly went viral, causing King to be the topic of discussion on social media. Following the incident T.I. went live on Instagram to address the online critics, critiquing his parenting. He says, “If he gotdamn keep that sh*t up, he’s going to prison. Ain’t no way around it, ain’t nothing I’mma be able to do about it,” he said. “‘Cause I know that energy. I was that energy. I know exactly how it’s going to turn out,” he continued. “So, I already had that conversation with him, man,” he explained. “King’s a good kid chasing after the wrong shit and you know, I trust God to deal with it in the way He sees fit.”

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