T.I. Tells ANOTHER Side Of The Story Behind His Arrest [VIDEO]


T.I. is making sure everyone knows that the whole story is not being told.

He was arrested yesterday (May 16), after an altercation with a security guard in his gated community home in Henry County, Georgia.

According to the rapper the whole story isn’t being told.

He told TMZ that the guard was sleeping at his post, and T.I. had to wake him when he returned home at 4 AM EST. Soon afterwards he says “look me up,” he calls Tiny who told the guard to “just let him in.” T.I. then claims the security guard said, “who the f*** do you think you is talking to me like this?”

Before being arrested, he said the guard spoke to his supervisor and police officers behind closed doors before going back to T.I., and handcuffing him.

While in the jail waiting to get booked, you can see T.I. as he goes back and forth with officer who told him he was “acting like a fool.”

See the video below.