Talib Kweli Said He Was Working On A Secret Album w/ Kanye West! [VIDEO]

Talib Kwelib
(Photo Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

Could Kanye West have another secret album on the way?

The Chicago artist has been receiving backlash lately due to his visit with President Donald Trump as well as his open political views. 

He has also be working on a lot of music as of late, and there are some very interesting projects that have are yet to be released, or has been pushed back.

We already know that his project Yandhi is scheduled to be released in November. We also know that he has a project with Chance the Rapper on the way. Yesterday (Oct. 31), we learned that both Kanye West and Talib Kweli have been working on a yet to be released project together.

He cleared up his words with HipHopDX.

“We started working on one but I stopped going around once it was clear that he wasn’t hearing me re: the Trump/Candace Owens stuff,” Kweli said. “I posted that clip on IG not so much to restart the album, but to remind him that I was warning him thru song about the very people who took advantage of him way before he allowed them to. I have a lot of love for Ye but he still has more work to do.”

Would you want to hear it?