Tasha K Files For Bankruptcy After Ordered To Pay Cardi B $4 Million

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Cardi B surprises fans with a pop-up performance during Summer Jam 2022. (Photo By Jamel Martin/Hot 97)

Tasha K reportedly filed for bankruptcy.

Court documents obtained by The Neighborhood Talk Blog say the blogger filed for Chapter 11. Bossip points out, unlike other forms of debt relief, Chapter 11 won’t clear Tasha of the $4 million a judge ordered her to pay Cardi. 

In addition, a debtor will be able to keep their assets so their business can stay afloat while sticking to a court-approved payment plan for the debt under Chapter 11. Cardi’s legal team would have to agree to the compromise for repayment, according to the article. 

According to the documents, Tasha has $95 in her Chase checking account and over $100,000 in assets, including her car, furniture, jewelry, and clothes. 

Tasha was ordered to pay the Bronx rapper millions after losing a defamation case. Although Tasha has been claiming she’s broke, Cardi’s legal team is making sure the “Clout” rapper is getting her coins! 

A few weeks ago, Cardi was able to receive nearly $10,000 of Tasha’s YouTube money. Last month, Tasha’s property was in danger. As reported on XXL, a writ of execution was filed against her on April 20, but in the latest report, she’s not evicted. 

In 2019, Cardi filed a lawsuit and admitted during federal court, that the lies caused her to suffer from suicidal thoughts. Last year in September, Tasha appealed the verdict, but one month later, a judge ordered Tasha to pay up immediately.

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