Tessica Brown, AKA The Woman Who Put Gorilla Glue In Her Hair Gets A NEW Look! 

Tessica Brown
Photo credit – GettyImages (L) Rachpoot/MEGA (R) Kyle Oster/Shutterstock

Tessica Brown can finally say her hair nightmare is over.

Last week, Tessica was all over the news and blogs after she revealed she put gorilla glue in her hair. 

She initially used the product as a substitute for strong hair spray (she ran out of the brand she usually uses), thinking it would do the job. Unfortunately, it did, but it had her hair stuck in the same style for over a month. Tessica ultimately ended up needing to get surgery to remove the product from her hair. 

Now Tessica is enjoying life, gorilla glue-free. TMZ reports she got her first haircut post-surgery. Take a look:

Tessica also reportedly plans on donating some of the $20,000 she received to the Restore Foundation, which provides reconstructive surgery services for people around the world. 




Some online users called Tessica out for “clout chasing,” however, she denied that she would ever do something like this for attention. Plus, she’s donating, which is always a good thing!