The Game Finally Speaks Out About Scamming Allegations

The Game
Photo credit – VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images

The Game is speaking out about wild accusations made against him.

Earlier in the week, artists were complaining that they felt they were being scammed by The Game. The Game has been reaching out to unsigned artists, offering them a spot on his SoundCloud mixtape, in exchange for $500-$1000.

Artists were under the impression they would get more exposure. In an exclusive interview with Hip Hop DX, The Game explains upcoming artists have unrealistic expectations. The Game said,

“Trillz came to me and said he had a unique opportunity for underground artists,. I was once an underground artist, so I understand it. No one services underground artists and unsigned artists in the manner that he and I do. No one cares, right? You find Lil Baby by chance and he blows up, but what about everybody else?” The Game continued, 

“So what Trillz has created with me and other artists is just a sort of engine to power you in the early stages of your career. What it would have meant to me to have a video drop from Ludacris in the beginning of my career. If I could have Ludacris say, ‘Hey yo, this is Game right here and yo, Game about to drop some fire,’ or whatever Ludacris would say, that would help me in my hood with my homies. They’d be like, ‘Yo, Game knows Ludacris’ and it would make me cool, but it would not catapult me to the top of Hip Hop’s elite. I still have work to do, I still have raps to write, I still have to prove that I’m the shit in my neighborhood.”

The Game went on to say that the artists get upset because they expect to blow up overnight. But, in reality, it’s a long journey. 

“Because they thought that this drop or this mixtape slot was going to change their lives, when in reality it’s just a step on the ladder. Use it as you may and get as much as you can off of it, but it’s not going to make you DaBaby. Basically, I’m just trying to uplift artists with dope opportunities.”

The Game said it’s up to the artists to continue to put the work in. He also thinks there’s a smear campaign against him. 

“I can see why some artists are like, ‘Oh, f*** this.’ Because of course it didn’t make them famous. Of course it didn’t make us go, ‘Oh, we’re going to cover you now because you have The Game,’ but there’s 100,000 who are saying thank you. But you know what the negative media does, because they would do the same thing for people reading it as they would do for me and you.”

Word of advice from The Game…..