The Internet Has Mixed Feelings Over Lionel Richie, 71, Dating A 30 Y.O 

International Superstar Lionel Richie Celebrates His Premiere Fragrance Line
(Photo by Arnold Turner/Getty Images for HELLO by Lionel Richie)

Lionel Richie became a trending topic for one reason.

The 30-year-age difference between him and his bae.

The American Idol judge is dating a woman named Lisa Parigi, who is 30 and he’s 71. Social media had mixed feelings because Lisa is around the same age of Lionel’s daughters. Nicole Richie is 39 and Sophia Richie is 22. Take a look at what some online users had to say:


As reported on The Blast, Lisa responded to the backlash with a cryptic message. She said, “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.” Then she said, “you don’t have to prove anything to anyone you’re good the way you are.”

The report also says Lionel and Lisa have been dating since 2014. In addition, Lionel’s daughters love Lisa and she’s a part of the family.