The Internet Reacts To Shenseea’s Claim That ‘Bob Marley Is Bigger Than Michael Jackson’

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Shenseea has started a new internet debate.

On Thursday (Dec. 1), the “Shen Yeng Anthem” rapper tweeted, “Bob Marley is bigger than Michael Jackson.”

“Bob Marley’s status is ‘Legendary.’ Michael Jackson’s is ‘King of Pop.’ 100 years from now people will still be listening to Bob’s music because their lyrics will always be relevant. Can’t say the same about MJ. It’s 40 years since Bob’s passing and he’s still current all over,” Shininglightja wrote in response to the Jamaican native’s tweet.

WASHBELLY80 also responded with, “Bob Marley is known in more countries than Michael Jackson.”

Not everyone was feeling Shenseea’s claim. Blackexcellent_ said, “Michael used to have the fans laid out!! Passing them over barriers, crowd surfing them over to security, special “faint tents” ready for fans who passed out which were packed btw. Baaaaaby… no one is or will ever be as famous as big as MJ.”

“Bob Marley wasn’t even known worldwide before his death… he was not a big artist when he died… y’all be saying anything,” another Twitter user wrote.

“She’s a Jamaican, maybe she’s just trying to defend her legend you know,” said Ubani_benji.

In response to that tweet, DontstopMJ wrote, “This is not defending. This is trying to elevate Marley by lying on MJ. Which itself disproves that Marley was bigger than MJ. If he had been she wouldn’t even need to bring up MJ’s name to say how big he was.”

“Now there’s a hairstyle called “Bob Marley” and a day set aside as “Marley Night.” No musician alive or dead has such a special day for him/her to be remembered, that’s some rare influence. Shows how big the name Bob Marley was/is,” said BasilProudly.

There’s like [six] living rappers with their own day. Michael Jackson was crowned KING of a village in Africa by Nelson Mandela himself, still holds the record for most charitable acts by any celebrity, and 90% of his catalog, [especially] the latter, is political commentary,” HAL0LESS wrote in response.