The Trump Administration Finally Authorizes Joe Biden’s Transition

US President-elect Joe Biden speaks after a meeting with governors in Wilmington
Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

Joe Biden is finally getting his transition acknowledged by the Trump administration.

News sources report the General Services Administration informed Biden today (November 23) that the official governmental transition process has been approved.

As reported on NBC, in a letter, “GSA Administrator Emily Murphy told Biden, whom she referred to as ‘the apparent president-elect,’ is now able to access millions of dollars in federal funds and other resources to begin his transition to power.” Murphy also denied being under pressure from the White House to delay the process.

This comes 16 days after it was announced Biden was the President-Elect. Donald Trump and the administration spent time saying the election was fake, filed lawsuits, requested recounts, and even falsely claimed victory. NBC also points out that even with the recounts, this year’s election wasn’t that close. The article says, “Joe Biden’s popular-vote lead over Trump stands at 4 percentage points, 51 percent to 47 percent — and it’s only going to grow once more of New York’s votes (finally) get counted.”