The Universal Hip Hop Museum Will Get A $3.5 Million Makeover!

Rapper's Delight

Photo credit – Duane Prokop/Getty Images

A massive hip hop museum is underway!

The current one is at a temporary space in the Bronx’s Terminal Market. The Universal Hip Hop Museum Will reopen in the South Bronx according to the NY Post. 

The article also reports NY State award a $3.5 million capital grant to create “the first museum in the world dedicated to hip-hop music and culture.” Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced. 

The 50,000 square foot museum will be “part of the renaissance of the Bronx,” since That’s where the genera originated in the 1970s. It’ll feature exhibits of the elements of hip hop, as well as highlight the founders and highlight the music and culture of hip hop. 

It’s scheduled to open in 2023.