These Celebrities Started Their Own Social Platforms [VIDEOS]

Bhad Bhabie

Photo credit: Scott Dudelson / Getty Images 

Innovatiation at its finest. Rapper Bhad Bhabie will her have own reality show. Not just your ordinary reality show, it will premier on Snapchat! Yup, Snachpchat. It’s set to be a 12 episode docu-series entitled ‘Bring up Bhabie.’ The show doesn’t have a date just yet, but we do know it will surround the Catch me Outside superstars life, as well as her music career.

 In 2019 Azealia Banks is planning to launch her very own social, called Cheapy XO. Not too many details have surfaced regarding the social media platform as of yet. So far, the platform carries the same name as her line of soap. The rapper is very vocal on her current social media platforms, so this will be good.

Lastly, back in 2015 the legendary music mogul Will-I-Am created his own social media platform entitled ‘Knock Knock.’ Which is an app where you can share contacts and chap, just by tapping your phone.