These Two Reality Stars Turned Into Rappers… Does Their Music Impress You? [PHOTOS + AUIDO]

(l) Reality star blac chin (r) reality star karlie redd split image

Photo credit – Marcus Ingram/Getty Images/Prince Williams/Wireimage


These days, no one is just doing one hustle, everyone is securing the bag in many ways.

Even reality stars are taking dives into other worlds, like music. Celebrities like Blac Chyna and Karlie Redd started out as reality TV stars but are now pursuing careers in hip hop.

Blac Chyna was an exotic dancer who made her way to TV on several reality shows. Lately, she’s been off the television and in the studio. She told a news site that her music is “fire” and she wants to work with Drake. She just dropped her first single “Deserve” ft. Yo Gotti & Jeremih.

Take a listen to the clip:


This is the interview where she is talking about her music career:


Karlie Redd is another reality star trying to inch her way into the music scene. She dropped a catchy hit “Ferrari Karlie” and there were mixed reviews about it. Do you think she has what it takes?