‘Tiger King’ Fans! Netflix Is Dropping A NEW Episode According To Jeff Lowe

Tiger at Laguna's Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach
(Photo by Barry King/WireImage/GettyImages)

Tiger King is the number one show on Netflix and even celebrities like Cardi B. are huge fans of it.

Reported on Forbes, there’s been chatter of a new season but Jeff Lowe gave fans an update on a podcast. He says that Netflix has one more episode because they were filming at his zoo. Jeff says that the episode will drop next week. 

This raised some questions as to how producers went about filming a new episode while the majority of the world is on a stay at home order. The article also pointed out that a week turnaround time is tight, but Jeff didn’t make the logistics of the video clear.

It’s possible the episode may be a “what are they doing now” thing, focusing on the main characters from the show. The series follows a man who goes by the name Joe Exotic and he owns a private zoo with exotic pets, tigers, and big cats. He has some issues with some people such as the cat rescuer, Carole Baskin and ultimately runs into a legal situation.