Tinashe Says She’s ‘Scared For Her Life’ After Recent Home Invasion

Tinashe is opening up about being shaken up after a recent incident with a stalker.

In a conversation with TMZ, the singer shared that she was “scared for her life” when Ramon Oppikofer broke into her Los Angeles home. She said prior to the break-in, she filed for a restraining order from him.

According to her, Oppikofer first began tagging her on Instagram in 2022. More recently, he crashed her birthday party last month although he does not know Tinashe personally or her family.

A few days later, she claims that he was outside of her home and she notified the police. When they showed, he was no longer there. However, the next day he returned and rang her doorbell. When no one answered, he began to shout her name.

On Nov 3, she said he returned. This time he was confronted by her father and attempted to break in. Tinashe, who was home at the time, said she was “scared for her life.” She ran to a locked room that Oppikofer tried to open.

Police eventually arrived at the scene and arrested him for misdemeanor trespassing.