Transgender Woman Claims She Had A One Night Stand With Kevin Gates

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During a recent interview with “Elena DEMONETIZED” podcast, a white transgender woman named Lilah Gibney claimed that she had a one night stand with Kevin Gates.

According to Gibney, she often DMs well-known rappers with hopes of sleeping with them so they can pay her bills in exchange. She said that the Louisiana rapper took her to dinner, where she ordered everything she wanted, and even “tried caviar for the first time.” She added that he was staring “deep into her soul” the entire date. 

She even claimed that afterwards, Kevin Gates brought her to his home and introduced her to his wife, Dreka Gates. When the two disappeared to his room to have sex, Gibney said she broke the news to him that she was transgender when she claimed that Kevin Gates noticed that there was something different about her down there.

She then told the interviewers that the “Really Really” rapper said it was “okay” and finished doing what he was doing. Gibney also revealed that he blocked her after that night. Kevin Gates has yet to make a statement regarding these claims.

You can watch the full interview below.