Travis Scott & Kid Cudi Become Victims of AI Misinformation Sparking Album Confusion

On March 26th, Travis Scott & Kid Cudi fans were taken aback by the appearance of a new album titled “Webster II” on Apple Music, attributed to Jackboys and The Scotts. The 16-track collection, stretching over an hour, intrigued listeners.

However, suspicions arose regarding its legitimacy. Neither Kid Cudi nor Travis Scott had promoted the album on social media or elsewhere, raising doubts about its authenticity. Furthermore, the album’s attribution on Apple Music differed from the single “The Scotts”, adding to the uncertainty.

The truth behind “Webster II” was soon uncovered by an observant user on X (formerly Twitter). It was revealed to be an unauthorized upload of “4th Dimension”, a fan-made Travis Scott album generated using AI tools and released in 2023. This discovery left fans astonished and disappointed, realizing that the highly anticipated collaboration was not genuine.

The emergence of “Webster II” sparked discussions about the influence of AI in the music industry. Despite being artificial, the album showcased the capability of AI to replicate the musical styles of renowned artists like Travis Scott and Kid Cudi. This raised questions about authenticity in the digital age and the extent to which technology shapes modern music production.

The sudden appearance and subsequent debunking of “Webster II” served as a reminder of the importance of verifying information in an era where content can spread rapidly online. While some fans were fortunate enough to experience the fake album before its removal, it highlighted the need for caution when encountering new releases, especially those with questionable origins.

Ultimately, the incident with “Webster II” has left fans without a new album but this doesn’t mean a legit album isn’t coming in the future.