Trey Songz Allegedly Injured A Woman During A Hit & Run, Social Media Reacts

Music artist Trey Songz performs during his virtual Special Valentine's Day Concert on February 7
(Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

Trey Songz is being accused of injuring a woman during a hit and run.

As reported on TMZ, Trey and an unidentified woman got into an argument late night toward the end of last week. The publication says law enforcement sources say the argument escalated and Trey allegedly bumped his car into the woman’s.

The woman claims when Trey sped off, he hit her hand with his car. She called the police but by the time they arrived, Trey left. The article reports the woman complained of a hand injury but refused to seek medical attention. It’s not clear what Trey and the woman was arguing about or how they know each other.

The incident is being investigated, however, a source for Trey told TMZ that the woman’s claims are false. Take a look at a few social media reactions, captured by the It’s On-Site blog;

Trey has another legal situation he’s dealing with. He got sued last week for allegedly punching a bartender in 2019 working at a Cardi B. concert. On a brighter note, Trey won’t face any charges from the NFL scuffle he had with police at the AFC championship game in Kansas City earlier this year.