Trina Credits Beyoncé For Opening The Doors For Female Rappers

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Trina is going viral for giving Beyoncé credit for opening the doors for female rappers in the music industry.

“Yeah, Beyoncé. Because she is the No. 1 female rapper when she does rap,” the Still da Baddest rapper said during a recent interview with HipHopDX at One Music Fest 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia. “There’s no sleeping on the Queen. It’s just one of those things, of course, it’s the Queen Beyoncé, but when you hearing a song and it’s rapping involved it’s like, oh my God — it’s more inspiration.

She continued, “It’s just a good thing. I feel like for the girls now when you hear ’em and look at ’em it’s just all different kind of music and it all sounds different.”

Check out the full conversation below.

Today (Dec. 28), Trina clapped back at the haters who had something to say about her comment. “For the dusty, crusty, funky b**ches in the bacccckkkk, Beyoncé is the queen of rap (when she raps) and ALL other genres of music. Now stay mad goofy’s. I said what I said and NANN b**ches [gon’] check me. Carry on,” she posted to her Instagram Story.