Trina Responds After Receiving Backlash For Calling Protesters ‘Animals’

(Prince Williams/Wireimage)

Trina is in a lot of hot water, after she made some unsettling comments on her radio show.

During a conversation with Trick Daddy on the morning radio show, Trina sounded off about the current state of the world, how she felt about protesters in which she referred to as “animals.”

“They need to make the curfew at 6 p.m.,” Trina said. “Keep everybody off the street, these animals off the streets, that are running around in Miami-Dade County acting like they have escaped from a zoo. Lock them up at 5 p.m. so the streets can be nice and clean, that’s how I feel.”

Social caught wind of the comments, and without hesitation, Trina began to trend on Twitter as fans or…former fans, were not pleased with her comments. She then took to her own Twitter to address those comments.

Social media reacts.