Twitter Announced A New ‘Stories’ Feature Called ‘Fleets’ Similar To Snapchat

Photo credit – Shutterstock
By Tobbylola Oniga

Twitter is making a change!

They announced today that they will be trying out a new feature called “Fleets”. This feature will allow you to post/create photos and text that will disappear after a short amount of time.

Does this feature sound familiar to you? Snapchat was the creator of this feature back in 2016. Since it was an instant hit, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Netflix, and even LinkedIn decided to copy. However, Twitter didn’t follow the wave.

But that changes today. Fleets cannot be liked or retweeted. They will support text, GIFS, videos, and photos.

“People have told us in early research that because Fleets disappear, they feel more willing to share casual, everyday thoughts,” Twitter said on Wednesday. “We hope that people who don’t usually feel comfortable Tweeting use Fleets to share musings about what’s on their mind.”

Will you be using the new Twitter feature?