Tyler The Creator & Funk Flex Have an Honest Conversation Plus #Freestyle128 [VIDEO]

American Rapper Tyler The Creator Hand holding chin with arms folded wearing a cap with a G on it with a pink and white shirt

Bro… This is one of those ‘for the books’ interviews! If you’r not aware, Since Odd Future and Tyler the Creator were out back in the days, Funk has been vocal about them having opinions about Legends like Jay Z but hadn’t achieved(at the time) what Jay had(musically) but in more recent times Flex has been able to digest the music/vibe of some of the Wolfgang members, and he liked what he saw, so when the potential for this meeting came up, it was a go! With that being said and with so much good energy, and getting past surface levels of each other, check out how it went down(yes it’s like 2hrs, but it def doesn’t feel like it):

Lots of info there… Odd Future wasn’t Wu, Flex NOT a piece of Sh*t, Don’t get married, ‘that’s horny’… Lots More Plus BARS off the top…. Oh and PAUSE!!!!!!!!! *Phew*