Tyrese Reacts After He’s Ordered To Pay Over $600,000 In Child Support + Attorney Fees 

Tyrese Gibson attends the Los Angeles special screening of "1992" at Harmony Gold on October 12, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.
(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)

Tyrese will have to pay a lot of money in his child support case.

A Fulton County judge ordered the singer to pay his ex-wife Samantha Lee Gibson $237,944 in back child support and $399K in attorney fees. This comes after he refused to pay $10,000 monthly in child support payments, calling it “excessive.” 

He says Samantha doesn’t need that much because she makes “good money.” Instead, he paid $2,236 per month. 

In addition, Tyrese must pay $17,000 for a court-appointed special master, “a referee, of sorts, appointed by the judge to handle minor disputes during the case,” TMZ reports. 

The “Sweet Lady” singer reacted to the ruling online and said, “Everything will be appealed. My attorney, Tonya Mitchell Graham stated that at least 30 things beyond the scope of the law was miss handled and flat out egregious and illegal,” Bossip reports. 

Tyrese also made a lengthy Instagram post. He said:

“It’s all the process, right? Is anyone really surprised the outcome? I wish I would’ve seen you. I’m so sorry if you spent money on gas, and just simply wanted to show up and pray with me today, on behalf of all fathers, and the endless levels of injustices that continue to take place we will appeal….

I don’t want anyone to like me. I don’t want anyone to care for me. I’m not a celebrity, I am Shayla’s and Soraya’s’s father, and I’m gonna stay committed to being the best father I can…. When you sit at home, broke out of a job, mentally emotionally, and physically unavailable for your children. We are called DEADBEATS! You get your a** whooped….

Then when you work hard, lose a lot of sleep at night as a serial entrepreneur, traveling hustling trying to do whatever it takes to provide for your children so that their life is much better than yours? As a father you STILL get your a**whooped….”

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