Uh Oh! New R. Kelly Accusations [VIDEO]

R. Kelly performs at Little Caesars Arena
Photo credit – Scott Legato/Getty Images


This time the person making the claims is the R&B’s singer’s younger brother.

Earlier this summer R. Kelly dropped “I Admit,” a 19-minute song that talked about some of the issues surrounded by his name. A few weeks later his brother Carey Kelly released a response track, “I Confess” that told his side of the story about the controversies affiliated with his brother R. Kelly. The song made allegations that R. Kelly slept with men and spread STD’s. 

His brother also criticized the “Step In The Name Of Love” singer for not helping the family financially after their mom passed away and for not giving their grandmother a proper burial. On the track, his brother also says that R. Kelly might have got off in court, but he’s “guilty in the streets.”

Carey Kelly has more tea to spill. During an interview with unWinewithTashaK, he claims that his brother molested their cousin who was 14-years-old at the time. During the interview he also said that his cousin has a baby and rumor has it that it’s R. Kelly’s baby but his brother said that hasn’t been confirmed with a DNA test. 

During the interview, Carey Kelly also addressed what he said about his brother sleeping with men in “I Confess.” He claims that while they were on tour, he “saw things that weren’t manly like.” He said that while they were on tour, R. Kelly would try to kiss him in the mouth. 

Check out the full interview here (after the 30 mark is where it gets JUICY):