UPDATE: Suspects Arrested Following 15-Year-Old Girl‘s Assault In Brooklyn


By: Cristal Santos | HOT 97 Intern

According to reports, authorities have made several arrests following the brutal attack that was caught on camera of a 15-year-old girl who was stomped, kicked, and robbed in Brooklyn, NY.

The victim was taken to the hospital to get treated and has since been released and is currently back at home. Her grandmother, Pamela Thompson made a statement saying: “Her spirit is broken. She don’t want to even come outside.”

Thompson, other relatives, and a community activist all came together at the crime scene on Saturday to speak out on the 15-year-old’s emotional and physical pain.

“She has a concussion, she has a lot of bruises,” says Thompson. “She’s just messed up you know – mentally messed up.”

There is no concrete reason behind the assault but police say it may have been retribution of an argument that had occurred during school hours.

Authorities have identified 18 of the suspects including five boys who turned themselves in according to CBS News.

One of the suspects was brought in by his mother, who intends to directly apologize to the girl’s family,  and according to the community activist Tony Herbert if  “she has to pay back for those sneakers she is willing to do that because that’s not what her son is supposed to be doing in these streets.”

Police say the young suspects face robbery and gang assault charges.

Stay tuned as the story continues to develop.