Usain Bolt Allegedly Scammed Out Of $12.7 Million

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Yesterday (Jan. 18), Usain Bolt’s lawyers claimed $12.7 million disappeared from an account the retired Jamaican track star has with a private Kingston-based investment firm Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL).

According to a document obtained by The Associated Press from Attorney Linton P. Gordon, Bolt’s legal team sent a letter to the investment firm demanding that they return the money. Gordon said that the Olympic gold medalist’s account balance is now at $12,000. They threatened civil and criminal action if the money is not returned within 10 days.

“If this is correct, and we are hoping it is not, then a serious act of fraud, larceny, or a combination of both have been committed against our client,” Bolt’s attorneys stated in the letter.

On Stocks & Securities Limited’s official website, the company directed clients with urgent queries to Jamaica’s Financial Services Commission, which is investigating the firm. Apparently the company discovered the fraud earlier this month and Bolt isn’t the only client missing millions of dollars. “We understand that clients are anxious to receive more information and assure you that we are closely monitoring the matter throughout all the required steps and will alert our clients of the resolution as soon as that information is available,” the company said.