Usher Addresses Allegations Of Devil Worshiping

Usher is responding strongly to a content creator’s accusation, claiming that the singer nearly endorsed devil worship during a recent awards ceremony.

During the 55th NAACP Image Awards on March 16, Usher was honored with the President’s Award for his exceptional talent and significant contributions as both an artist and a champion for our community.

Before being honored, the all-around entertainer, who has been wowing crowds since he was 15, kept adding notable achievements to his list of successes, including a sold-out Las Vegas show series and an unforgettable Super Bowl halftime performance. These amazing opportunities have made receiving the President’s Award even more special for Usher.

Usher stepped onto the stage and delivered a heartfelt speech, expressing gratitude to those who supported him on his path to fame, particularly highlighting the influential women in his life and his faith in God.

Mark Hanalla, a content creator, expressed his belief that Usher omitted someone significant from his acceptance speech: the devil. In a video posted on Instagram last week, Mark alleged that Usher “almost thanked the devil for his award on live television. How is no one talking about this? I can’t make this up. Watch this.”

Mark pointed out a moment during Usher’s speech when he stumbled over his words: “I’m very honored to receive this award, from the dep…from the depths of my soul.” However, the content creator claimed that the stumble was Usher catching himself before saying, “from the dev[il]…from the depths of my soul.”

On Sunday, Usher came across the post and promptly refuted the claims in the comments section. “Get outta here!!!! GOD is my lord and savior … the DEVIL is a lie!!” the singer exclaimed.

“So I was a bit nervous and jumbled my words when speaking from my heart…I hate teleprompters and they started to rush me because I was getting a bit long winded….. everybody gets nervous, especially in this position.” Usher continued, suggesting that the devil must be influencing Mark to share such a video online, emphasizing that he takes his faith very seriously.