Usher Reveals His First Celebrity Crush

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Usher says he’s had a crush on his celebrity crush since the age of 11.

During an interview with Essence Magazine Usher reveals his he ended up being in a relationship with his first celebrity crush. “My first celebrity crush was Chilli,” Usher says in the “60 Seconds With” series. “I think I was 11 or 12 something like that.”

We previously reported that during an interview with People, PEOPLE, the sing opened up about his time in a relationship with his said childhood crush, Chilli. “If I am to be honest, I was her No. 1 fan, and she was my superstar,” he said. “At the age of eight, I put her poster on my wall and said, ‘Man, that girl is so beautiful. One day, I’m going to meet her.’”

“I was a young man and she had very specific rules that didn’t work for me,” he said of their split. “We were missing each other. I really did want to have a different type of relationship where she was there with me, and she couldn’t be. She didn’t believe that I was actually in love with her as much as I was.”

Usher continued, “I wanted to marry her. I proposed and she told me, ‘No.’ I went through a great deal of pain after that, not trusting women or wanting to open up. I hurt her, too.” He added that he was heartbroken. “I really did love that girl. I did everything that I thought you would’ve wanted me to do, but I guess my good wasn’t great enough.”