Video Shows Young Chop In Intense Fight With His Cellmate In Jail

Young Chop
(Photo Credit via Gwinnett County Police Department)

Footage of Young Chop involved in a heated fight with his cellmate in jail has surfaced online. The incident took place at the Gwinnett County Jail, where the Chicago producer has been serving a sentence for the past two years.

On Sunday, June 23, the video shows correctional officers responding to a disturbance in Young Chop’s cell. As the officer arrives, tension is high between Chop and his cellmate. “Back the f**k up,” the cellmate yells at Chop, adding, “He gotta go,” to the officers. Initially, the situation appears to calm down. However, as the officer instructs the cellmate to leave the cell, Young Chop suddenly punches him, igniting a brawl. Despite warnings to stop, the fight continues until the officer uses a taser on Chop’s cellmate, ending the altercation. Both men are subsequently handcuffed and escorted away.

Young Chop, whose real name is Tyree Pittman, has been incarcerated at the Gwinnett County Jail in Georgia since April 2022. According to police records obtained by XXL on Monday, June 24, he was arrested for failure to appear and jumping bail. His legal troubles date back to April 2020, when he was detained for reckless conduct. This incident involved Chop searching for 21 Savage while riding in an Uber, during which he allegedly brandished a firearm at a nearby car. The occupants of the car reportedly shot at the Uber in response. Just a week later, Chop was arrested again for violating his probation and faced accusations of starving his dogs to death.

The leaked video has brought renewed attention to Young Chop’s ongoing legal issues and life behind bars, highlighting the volatile circumstances he continues to face while serving his sentence.