Vivica Fox Reacts To Amber Rose Endorsing Donald Trump

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Vivica Fox has questions after Amber Rose publicly endorsed Donald Trump.

Rose shared a picture via Instagram posing with the Trumps. She captions the post, “Trump 2024..” The comments lit up with mixed reactions, “Damn Amber (sad face emoji)…You’re a Bisexual woman of color that runs a movement that stands up for Women’s rights and their power against anyone that abuses it….that’s literally OPPOSITE of what he supports…smdh” commented on Instagram user. “HOT & SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE KNOW TRUMP 2024 IS THE WAY..” commented another.

Actress Vivica Fox also jumped in the comments, “
WTF?? #GURLBYE..” she wrote.

It looks like Amber Rose had a change of heart as some tweets of her opposing Trump resurfaced. In one tweet she writes, “Trump thinks he’s slick showing up to the women’s march in LA” alongside a picture of a trash can.

In another tweet she writes, “mannn f*ck the fact that he’s old and fuck the fact that he was on TV.. He is a sexual predator just like Trump and Harvey (I hope they get their day as well) So y’all are going to sit….”

Amber Rose defends her stance. She wrote via Instagram, “lmaooo y’all think Biden cares about Black ppl??? Sad. Do ur research. I did. I’ll ALWAYS put women first. Y’all want biological men in women’s sports? Trump supports the most reasonable compromise on abortion. Stop being brainwashed cuz WE’RE ppl of color. Make your own decisions.”