Wait! Did Bobby Brown Smash Janet Jackson? Twitter Blows Up [VIDEO]

Bobby Brown attends BET The Bobby Brown Story premiere
(Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Last night (Sep 4), the story of Bobby Brown began to be told in the first part of the Bobby Brown Story on BET.

The internet went crazy last night during one scene in which many learned for the first time that he was actually in love with Janet Jackson before he found Whitney Houston.

The scene shows Brown in bed with Janet after a session of lovemaking, before the two fight over James DeBarge who was Jackson’s husband from 1984-1985. He then yells at her before throwing her out of his hotel room in only her underwear.

The film shows his belief that his complexion was partially the reason she did not like him as much as he had hoped.

Below is old footage of Bobby Brown speaking about his love for Janet.


Twitter of course reacted to tons of shock after learning of this revelation.