Wait What? Jermaine Dupri Reveals That He Almost Got In Biggie’s Car The Night He Was Killed

Jermaine Dupri wearing a gray suit

(Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

Jermaine Dupri is still revealing some shocking statements. After being in the spotlight for his comments about female rappers, the Atlanta mogul recently recounted the night that The Notorious B.I.G was killed. 

In a recent interview with People Now, Durpi talked about how much the late rapper meant to him and went on to discuss how he almost got in the car with Biggie the night that he was killed after leaving the Soul Train Awards afterparty. “Everybody was there, it was like a party. Everybody was at this afterparty in L.A. and me and Big, we just had a great relationship so we was just talking before the party was over.” Dupri continued, “He was talking about going to this Outkast party. One thing about Big… once you was his friend, he was just looking out for you, always. We came outside [and] his truck pulled up. I was still waiting for my truck and he didn’t want me to stand outside and wait ’til my car came. He wasn’t gon’ leave me just standing out there, so he was like ‘jump in.’ As I was getting in, my truck pulled up, so it’s like that moment… it could’ve been, wow.”

Dupri spoke about how Biggie’s death affected him and wrapped up the interview saying that “I do know what business I’m in, and I do know that this business has a dark side.”