Waka Flocka Unsure If He And Tammy Rivera Will Get Back Together, Says She’s His Best Friend

(Photo by Thaddaeus McAdams/FilmMagic)

Waka Flocka says he and Tammy are best friends, regardless of their seperation.

In a recent interview, Waka was asked “how’s Tammy” in which he replied, “that’s my best friend. That’s my dog.” We previously reported that Tammy confirmed the two are no longer together.

While on Instagram live she explained,“I said the man fine, him and Charlie good, we good, we are not together and that’s cool. We’re good. We’re in good spaces.” She says despite them not being together- they are still filming their reality show and co-parenting their daughter, Charlie, and their dogs.

Waka says he could never “hate Tammy as she gave him his stepdaughter, Charlie. Watch the clip below.