Welp, Should’ve Seen That Coming: Popular Video Game Fortnite is Sparking Debates on Cultural Appropriation [VIDEO]

FortNite Sign with a crowd of people in front of it.
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Fortnite is the latest video game that is taking the world by storm.

The online video game was released in September  2017 and developed by Epic Games and rapidly grew to be one of the best games among the youth today.  The game itself brought in $ 1 Billion in revenue.

Although, one of the best games, it is starting to spark up debates about cultural appropiation and here’s why. The characters in the video games does dances that are derived from the urban community.

These dances include the Milly Rock, Snoop Dogg’s Drop it Like It’s Hot, and JB BloccBoy’s Shoot Dance but should it be a form of cultural appropriation?  

In a video posted by Insider, they how this issue is causing conflict among the artists who created these timeless dances. Take a look below.