Wendy Williams’ Son Responds To Rumors That Wendy ‘Stripped’ & ‘Masturbated In Front Of Her Manager’

(Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

Wendy Williams’ son is shutting down rumors about her.

Reports claim that the talk show host alarmed her staff after she had too much to drink and “began stripping down and touching herself in an inappropriate way” in front of bystanders.

According to Yahoo Life, her team began to notice some abnormal behavior back in 2020. One night her team called  her manager to check on her- and upon arrival, Wendy was allegedly spotted naked and irate, forcing the manager to call 911.

The rumors went viral, and Wendy’s son, Kevin Jr,  seemingly replied to them. He shared a message via his Instagram that read, “When the hate don’t work they start telling lies..”