WHAAAT?! Did Nick Cannon Shoots His Shot To Beyoncé? [PHOTO]

Nick Cannon at USO 75 years red carpet
(Photo Credit: Thos Robinson/Getty Images)

Nick Cannon has been shooting his shot for years!

For throwback Thursday, the actor/rapper decided to share a brand new photo of himself before Mariah Carey, before even Christina Milian.

It was him allegedly shooting his shot to the one and only Beyoncé – long before Jay Z got into the picture in the 1990’s.

Even in the 90’s I was always shootin my shot!!! Beyonce was looking at me like “Little Boy Please!!” In my teenage days I used to stalk Destiny’s Child! LOL Poppa Knowles was not feeling me at all!!”

Could you imagine if she gave him a chance?

See the pic below.